The new found love for health and organic food products turnedout to be more than a fad, it became a trend that is going to stay for years and years to come. People are becoming extremely conscious of their lifestyle and eating habits and it has given birth to a separate new industry. In fact, health and fitness are one of the most thriving industries in today’s times. Being a part of this change and playing a role in further strengthening it Vedaaz created its unique significance in this industry and in the lives of its customers.

With health beecoming the top-priority people starting taking their diet seriously. This lead to a significant rise in people’s interest in organic food products which are deemed to be healthier for obvious reasons. Having been closely witnessing this shift, three young entrepreneurs from Pune decided to givetheir full-time attention and effort to this mission by providing unadulterated and fresh A2 milk to their customers. Little did they know at the beginning that their small customer base is going to expand so widely and their start-up idea will soon become a full-fledged business venture catering to thousands across different cities of the country.

The mission truly started when these young entrepreneurs realized the significance of A2 milk and how it better than the other counterparts. The fact that it has so many incredible health benefits made it all the more important to incorporate it into the diet. This ignited their interest in the industry and this quest made them realize that however important A2 milk is for the body it is in very short supply. The dairy industry is not as dependent on A2 Milk as it should be and that made them rethink their career plans.

This gave birth to Vedaaz, their brainchild which they brought into existence with an idea and hope to supply A2 milk to people in Pune. Along with that their mission included creating awareness about the benefits of A2 milk and making people realize its significance for their health. The journey started fromtheir own farmland in Manchar and where they didn’t only produce A2 milk but made sure to keep the whole process natural and organic. This added value to their products and soon they started becoming a common household name

Vedaaz Milk is the purest form of Desi Gir Cow Milk. We Supply unadulterated fresh milk to your doorstep.

What is A2 Milk and why it is better?

A2 is a kind of milk protein which is found in the produce of desi cows primarily from breeds like Gir and Sahiwal. In A2 milk beta-casein protein is in high amounts which makes it lighter and gentler on the digestive system of the body. Another distinct feature of the milk is its light golden color which comes from its high natural fat content adding richness to its taste and quality.

It has incredible health benefits the reason for which is deep-rooted as it’s a natural and original protein of cow milk. It’s counterpart A1 milk was a result of genetic mutation as pushed by increasing demand and hence is not as good as the original A2 protein.

The list of health benefits starts with it being easier to digest even by people with weaker digestive systems. It doesn’t contain BCM-7 and hence is very light and easily digestible and can even be consumed by most lactose-intolerant people.

Not just this but its natural, original taste and texture make it the closest alternative of Mother’s milk and hence is very good for the health of infants. It should be the first choice of breastfeeding mothers to replace their milk with. It has high quantities of Colostrum which is present in mother’s milk, a kind of protein that develops anti-bodies in the infant and makes it stronger and healthier to fight the diseases. The high mineral and nutrient content of the same contributes equally to building immunity, increasing metabolism, and improving mental growth too.

Other benefits of A2 Milk include high amounts of protein it has which makes it a perfect supplement for gym lovers and those also who want to include more protein in their diet. It’s the most natural source of high-quality protein and calcium that aids in building stronger muscles and bones. A cup of Vedaaz A2 milk fulfills one/third of an adult’s daily calcium requirement.

Additionally, it has 9 Essential Vitamins and Minerals which are very beneficial for our body’s overall health and fitness. These comprise nutrients like Vitamin A, D, B12, B2, B3, B6, D, E, K, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and riboflavin.

The milk is also a very rich source of Omega 2 fatty acids which is very good for our hair, skin, and eyesight. So, not only its effects will show in your immunity but your overall look and appearance too will see a positive change. The milk has also been considered a great source of nutrition which is required for brain and nerve development. The presence of Strontium enhances the body’s immunity to fight off the diseases and creates a protective layer against harmful radiations.

Another added benefit with all these qualities is the fact that the milk tastes delicious and is very rich in its taste and texture. The wholesome quality and the light golden color of the milk speaks of its nutrition value and makes it a perfect supplement for your daily diet.

Vedaaz Milk is the purest form of Desi Gir Cow Milk. We Supply unadulterated fresh milk to your doorstep.

Why A2 Milk is better than A1 Milk?

Now, there have been some studies that claim that A2 milk is far more superior in quality than A1 milk and some even go to the extent of claiming that A1 milk could have some serious health implications. The studies revealed that A1 milk has high amounts of BCM-7 protein which gradually affects the body negatively and could cause diseases like Ischaemic heart disease, Type 1 diabetes, autism, inflammatory response, schizophrenia, auto-immune diseases, allergies, and digestion problems. It has been reported that kids who consume A1 milk are at higher risk of developing ailments like allergies, colds, asthma, and obesity. While on the other hand A2 milk has somemedicinal properties which help the body to fight Cancer, PMS, Migraine problems and is suitable for people of all ages.

A look into Vedaaz organic and traditional approach of producing A2 Milk

Vedaaz took this legacy forward and made considerable strides in producing the best quality A2 milk for its customers. Milk at Vedaaz is produced using a traditional and organic way that is delivered to the doorstep in its purest and unaltered form. Standing true to its motto of delivering fresh milk straight from the farm to your doorstep, Vedaaz has made sure that every delivery is completed within 12 to 24 hours of milking the cows.

Their organic approach towards producing this milk is what makes it better and adds to its quality potion. The desi cows on their farm are rendered with care and reverence. They are fed the highest quality fodder, vegetables, grains, greens, and clean water. Their health conditions are taken proper care of and they are set free to roam around in vast areas of farmland trying to maintain their natural habitat. Even the non-milking cows are taken proper care of and are fed the highest quality fodder and greens.

while the milking cows are pure and ethnic breeds and hence are not injected with hormonal treatments to increase the quantity of their natural produce. They are not fed any chemical substitutes to alter the quality of their milk and hence what they produce is all-natural and organic. In fact, an added advantage of breeding Desi Cows is their natural immunity against diseases which limits the use of antibiotics further adding to the quality potion of the milk.

To further follow the traditional methods, the cows are milked in the most natural way with the use of hands instead of any machines. The traditional milking process ensures that the milk is wholesome and nutritious in every way. These desi cows are not found easily and hence the quantity of the milk produces is less than that of European cows. So, while the A1 Cow milk will be easily available it won’t be as good as its desi Counterpart.

Vedaaz all-natural A2 milk Dairy products

Vedaaz further extended its product range and started producing other dairy products too. These all-natural, rich in taste, highest quality dairy products include Vedaaz Ghee, Paneer, and Curd. All of these products maintain the standard quality and traditional approach so the final product is of the highest grade.

Vedaaz Ghee- Starting from Vedaaz Ghee which is prepared using the traditional process where the curd made from whole milk is churned to separate Makhan and brought to a boil. The one and the only ingredient used in this method is A2 milk and hence the final product is golden color nectar full of rich taste and nutrition. The grainy Golden Goodness, the nutty texture, and the mild sweetness in the taste are what make Vedaaz Ghee absolutely delectable. Not just it’s great to taste but it’s equally nutritious for the health.

Vedaaz Paneer- Another product in the list is Pure A2 milk paneer which is a powerhouse of rich nutrients, protein, vitamins, and Calcium. The only ingredient that goes into the process is milk and lemon as the natural acidic coagulating agent. Freshly prepared, every cube of this paneer is rich in taste and high in nutrition value. It has a broad spectrum of health benefits and is good for your bones, teeth, heart, and digestion.

Vedaaz Curd- Then, they have A2 Curd which is set traditionally without adding any artificial preservatives and the taste vouches for that. The bacteria in the curd aids in digestionand strengthens your immunity. Not to mention its smooth and sweet texture which makes it a perfect addition to your diet, especially in summers when served chilled.

Vedaaz increasing digital presence across its App and Online E-commerce store

Expanding their operations from the offline to online space, Vedaaz has now a significant digital presence across various platforms starting from its own mobile app, its website to E-commerce stores like Flipkart and Amazon. The user-experience has been designed to simplify the shopping process and subscription model. Customers at any point can start their subscription plan and pause and restart the services with just a simple click. The complete transaction and payment history can be easily managed on the app making the whole process simpler and easier. Vedaaz makes sure that the customers are able to trust their products and be sure of what they are consuming. To adhere tothis, the company provides adulteration kits to first-time subscribers so they can check for themselves the quality of their products. Through its collaboration with E-Commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, they have started delivering Vedaaz Ghee all across the Country.

Vedaaz rapidly growing operations

Their journey started from Pune but soon they made their way into cities like Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Delhi. The company has a full-fledged presence in Pune and Mumbai and has started making deliveries in other cities too. While their customer base keeps on increasing day by day, their quality standard has only gone up. Vedaaz commitment ton ever compromise on the quality of their products is what has gotten them this far. Their pure, organic, traditionally prepared A2 milk and products are the epitome of highest grade dairy. This is what made Vedaaz stand out and create a unique position for itself in the dairy industry. Though they still have a long way to go, the recent developments in the past month have put them on the right track.