Did you know the adverse effects of using plastic milk bottles? There are some toxins leaching from plastics might be related to disorders such as infertility & cancer in humans. Plastic bottles may contain Bisphenol A, a polycarbonate believed to cause cancer.

The quality of plastic is not good. There are many firms that claim their milk bottles to be degradable, but the fact is that, some milk bottles are manufactured by the local vendors with poor quality and are claimed to biodegradable. As per EPA 71% plastics cannot be recycled. It takes thousands of years for plastic bottles to biodegrade, and the degrading process emits toxic chemicals into the air.

The quality of the container does make a difference in the quality of the milk. The taste and storage of milk is affected. If the milk is stored in glass bottles the quality and the taste remains undisturbed. Also the milk is stored for a longer duration in glass bottles than plastic bottles.

People these days are getting aware &n conscious about their health and also about the environment. Hence they check the facts & side effects of all the products they consume. But there are some organisations you need to be aware of who claim that their bottles are Food graded but in real scenario they are not.

A survey found that many people drinking milk in plastic bottles switched to glass bottles after knowing their advantages and disadvantages.

Glass bottles works on the principle of reduce, reuse & recycle. By returning glass bottles we are reducing the amount of new bottles that need to be made. Returning the bottles allows them to be reused many times. Then once they are recycled they can be re-manufactured without any decrease in quality.

Also there is no absorption or release of substances while storing the milk and they can be also sterilised easily.

Our ancestors were aware of the advantages of glass bottles, so the infants were always fed milk in glass bottles only. For mothers the most important concern these days is her kid’s health. Milk fed in glass bottles comes with zero side affects & also milk stays warm for a longer time in glass bottles. Hence glass bottles are recommended for kids.

Nowadays Indian government is taking some measures to reduce the use of plastic due to increasing Global Warming. Government has banned the use of plastic in many metropolitan cities like Pune. Even we as a responsible citizens should support our Government & protect the environment by going green and going organic!