8 Reasons

To Choose Vedaaz

  • Desi Gir Cows, who are never tied and left loose to graze in the open grassland.
  • Milking and Non-Milking cows are treated with equal love and respect.
  • The cows are taken care of by the Kathiyawadi community, who treat the cow as their mother. They bury the Cows after their natural death.
  • The Cows are not given any hormonal injection
  • No vet doctor is required as Desi Gir Cows have extremely high immunity.
  • No Artificial Insemination is done. DesiGir bulls are used for breeding.
  • Milk is delivered in Eco-Friendly glass bottles that are also reusable.
  • Our Calves are fully fed.


Our 8-acre farm in Manchar located 60 km from the city of Pune, situated on the picturesque banks of river Ghodnadi providing water to our farm throughout the year. We provide an happy environment for each of our 350+ Gir cows to roam freely, without any undue stress. Our Kathiawar community, who revere the cows as their mother, manages our farm as their own home making sure they are well fed and looked after. Since the immunity of our cows is extremely high, we usually don’t need the services of a veterinarian.


Happy Customers