Do you provide fresh milk?

The Natural Milk we deliver to your doorstop has been milked less than 12 hours before delivery and is absolutely fresh and fit for consumption.

Do you serve A2 milk?

We exclusively serve only A2 milk that has been produced by the Gir cow. We believe that A2 milk has many benefits, including being more nutritious (A2 type of beta-casein and Omega 3 fatty acids). A1 milk from imported cow breeds has been known to have a direct link to diabetes, autism and cardiac problems

What are the delivery timings?

 We deliver A2 milk seven days a week between 6:00 am and 8:00 am

Why is Vedaaz Milk marginally more expensive than other varieties?

 Vedaaz Gir cow milk is slightly more expensive than other milk varieties due to the following reasons: a. Imported breeds producing A1 milk have a capacity of about 25 liters a day, while our Gir cow has the capacity of 9 liters per day. b. No additional hormones are used on the cow or in the milk c. The milk is fresh from the farm, and hence, far better in terms of quality when compared to packaged milk bought from the supermarket.

How Do I purchase Vedaaz Milk?

 We offer a subscription plan for customers who want to buy Vedaaz milk. We do not sell through any retailers at the moment. Please get in touch with us if you would like to create a personalized subscription plan for Vedaaz A2 milk.

What are the available products of Vedaaz in the market?

 We sell Vedaaz Gir Cow Milk in 1 litre bottles and Vedaaz Gir Cow Desi Ghee

Why do you send the milk in glass bottles? We're too scared of breaking them during handling?

 Glass bottles are the best option for packaging and delivering fresh milk. We are an eco-friendly company and try to minimize our use of plastic. We are extra careful about how we pack the milk glass bottles while out for delivery and aim to make sure there is minimum breakage. However, it is important for the entire Vedaaz team that we remain an eco-friendly company.

How do I pay?

 We accept cash & cheques or online bank transfers for payment.

What if I am travelling, can I put my subscription on hold?

We are always available to help you with any issue. Give us a call on +917517444777 or email us on contact@vedaaz.com a day in advance to temporarily stop your delivery.

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