• We have to take care of our health by choosing the right thing, I’ve recently started drinking A2 milk from Vedaaz and trust me its worth the price. It has lots of health benefits which helps you in long term. Definitely go for it as it gives you the best output
    Neha Bhamburdekar
  • I’ve been using their milk home-delivery service for a month now, and can attest that the milk provided is of the best quality. They always deliver on time, in high quality glass bottles, and without issue. Highly recommend.
    Founder – Ankit Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
  • It’s the best quality milk I have had till date. The quality & quantity & style of packing is also very nice. Totally worth it. I have been a customer of Vedaaz milk since almost 1.5 years without any regret so Thumbs up to Vedaaz for their service as well.
    Anil Burade
    Organic Farmer
  • I have never imagined that drinking A2 milk will positively impact the health of my entire family! Our immunity are better and my kids love the smoothies I whip up with A2 Milk!
    Raj Parekh
  • I have tried the number of providers in Pune but were not happy. Finally, we settled with Vedaaz Milk. Great quality A2 Gir Cow Milk & timely delivery. Prompt response to any of our queries and support staff was always friendly. Vedaaz Ghee is the purity.
    Bhanu Vashisht
  • I used to drink Vedaaz A2 milk when I was in Pune. It’s quality is the best! Please make it available in Mumbai too! I recommend all the Punekars to try Vedaaz milk. I have recommended it to lots of my friends and family
    Founder – Precision Power Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • My milk drinking experience has never been better! Thank you Vedaaz for making my every morning tea much more healthier.
    Sandeep Modle
  • Thank you for such amazing desi ghee! It has been years that I have had ghee which reminds me of my mothers cooking.
    Bhavin Chaudhary
  • My son used to have issues digesting commercially available milk. However he can now have A2 milk everyday and it has improved his overall health.
    Dhruv Patel
  • I have had several health issues over the years and was suggested desi gir cow ghee by Vedaaz. It has really helped my joint inflammation to come down and has improved my calcium intake. Thanks for such amazing A2 products. Kudos to the team at Vedaaz!
    Gayatri Thapa