Masks, sanitizer, and gloves are now real friends. It has been around months since the whole world is fighting from novel Coronavirus diseases. India crossed 1 lac, cases and number are continuously increasing. Where the world as a whole is practicing social distancing and remaining under lockdown, the WHO guided several ways to maintain hygiene which also includes guidance on how to clean fruits and vegetables (coronavirus).

When it comes to Family mothers are the real fighter, and they are the only one who is never off duty. Lockdown period is made successful because of mothers who are keeping our home clean, taking all precautionary measures while getting groceries, milk, and vegetables or fruits.
In this blog, few tips are mentioned which guides how to wash and clean fruits and vegetables at home.

Ideally, we wash every vegetables and fruit at the time when it is prepared or eaten raw. Still, as coronavirus spread widely and is infectious in nature, it is strictly instructed to wash the feet, hands and face immediately after getting the weekly grocery/fruit or vegetables.

To wash vegetables, or fruits first thing is you need to take a big bucket or tub fill it with water, and dip entire vegetables and fruits in it. You must have heard or read that adding shampoo or detergents in the water will help to keep you away from the virus or from those who are susceptible to coronavirus.

Secondly, clean all the vegetables either use a brush or by hand and wash it once more using clean water. Thirdly take some fresh newspapers and spread the entire vegetables/ fruits open in the air and let it dry. These 3 simple steps are enough to maintain hygiene.

Apart from these, there are few things which need to be considered while and after purchasing groceries or veggies:

• Ensure what you purchase is organic, and fresh, not bruised.
• If you are getting pre-cut veggies to check it is cold and refrigerated.
• While storing ensures to keep your vegetables, fruits separated from the other eatables items like seafood, raw meat, poultry etc.
• Keep your cooking area and chopping board clean; hands washed and cooked a maximum of 2 hours before you take the meal.

These are easy and smart practice to maintain hygiene and practice safety shared from Vedaaz Organics- mother’s kitchen. Veedaz deals in supplying organic vegetables, milk, ghee etc at your doorstep. Practice social distancing, stay safe, stay home and fight from Corona.