A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee

Our Gir Cow Ghee is prepared by tradotional method i.e.,bilona. process, is to make curd from whole milk. Then churn it to seprate makhan from it and then boil it to get ghee.

This purity and lack of proceccimg translates into a nutritious product that can be consumed by everyone in the family. The A2 milk ghee contains all the nutrients you need and can be used for cooking vegetables,dal,sweets and other food items.


Hand Churned Ghee In Small Batches

♣  Grass Fed Cows

♣  Gir Cow Milk

♣  Curd

♣  Makkhan

♣  Low Flame Heating

♣  Original Vedic Ghee

A2 Gir Cow Ghee Health Benefits

♣  Helps In Digestion.

♣  Reduces Mental Stress.

♣  Controls Cholesterol Level.

♣  Boosts Immune System.

♣  Enhances Memory and Eyesight.

♣  Slows Down Ageing Process.