Milk is a primary source of nutrition for infants after the birth and also for human beings. Generally, milk is either from humans (women) or from cattle origin they contain various types of proteins, vitamins, minerals and so on. Components in milk show various beneficial actions in beings and some of the studies found that metabolites of it show severe adverse effects like SIDS in the case of infants, gastrointestinal problems, cardiac problems and some other life threatening effects.
Humans depends on milk of cow mostly when we compare with that other being in early 19th century some of the researchers has found that some substance in milk which is from cow is causing problems to the human beings later in the end of 19th century some other analyst has found that milk is of various categories among them some commonly A1 and A2 is observed and they are mostly consumed by humans when we compare this two types of milk main difference between this 2 variants are position of amino acids in their chain.

Mostly A2 milk breed cows are found in Asia mainly in south-east Asia especially in India and few regions of African region and A1 breed are found in the European, American and some others coming to the action of them when the milk is taken generally it gets break down into proteins and in case of the A1 milk in children causes SIDS and also some other chronic diseases whereas the A2 milk from the Indian species do produce but they gets hydrolated when it compares in this aspects A1 do possess 4 times higher than that of the A2.

A1 milk is produced by Holstein Friesian, Karan swiss, jersey and some other breeds which are common in European, American, Australia and A2 milk are produced by bos-indicus breed cows like Sahiwal, gir, red sindhi and some other.
Studies has found when milk is consumed orally they gets metabolized and gets fragmented into the pieces and it get absorbed into the cells some among them are not harmful whereas some of them are with the potentiality to cause harm such as beta-casomorphin which is a seven numbered amino peptide which is mostly formed due to the A1 milk actually this happens due to some special enzymes which cut them from normal chain but in case of A2 this does not happened actually

Also studies have confirmed that consumption of A1 milk leads to some effects like diabetes mellitus type 1, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, schizophrenia and some other conditions.

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Impact on Diabetes mellitus type 1

DMT1 is an insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in this case insulin is not produce in the body. It may be due to the destruction of beta cells of the pancreas. Actually pancreas is the main gland in the production of the insulin to maintain the sugar levels in the body.

In the case of A1 milk, the product which is formed that is BMC-7 which is an opioid it shows the cross reactivity with that of the epitope of the pancreatic beta cell glucose transporter GLUP-2 as autoantibodies to GLUP-2 it leads to the destruction of beta cells of the pancreas. Whereas in the case of the prediabetic patients it causes some gut-related immune response and causes damages in some conditions it can treat with an opioid antagonist (naloxone).

Impact on SIDS

Sudden infant death syndrome is a condition in which infants of below 12 months will death in their sleep it may be due to apnoea or may be related to apparent life-threatening events like the change in skin color, coughing, gagging. Actually, the reason behind this is BCM-7, a peptide which is having an amino acid sequence of Tyr-Pro-Phe-ProGly-Pro-Ile are primarily depraved by DPP4.

A study on infants confirms that infants with life-threatening apnoea had markedly elevated BCM-7 levels whereas the DPP4 activity is lowered when it is compared with normal healthy infants.

Impact on gastrointestinal tract

In most of the GI cases, BCM-7 acts as the μ-opioid receptor agonistic this causes the gastric motility, releases of hormones, constipation and so on. Some studies has said that BCM-7 causes the destruction of the gut immune system by damaging the lamina propria lymphocytes however this study has been opposed by some investigators

Impact in case of atherosclerosis

Effects of the A1 & A2 milk in human actually this study has been conducted in rabbits where the A1 milk has fed to some rabbits and A2 milk is given to some group of rabbits later reports has shown that the rabbits which have been fed with the A1 milk have shown fatty contents on the walls of blood vessels which may progress and causes severe cardiac problems like angina and etc.

Whereas the A2 milk does not shows such effects. A1 milk also has the potentiality to increase the number of low-density lipoproteins and to decrease the number high-density lipoproteins which is referred as the good cholesterol.

The devouring of beta casein leads to aggravation of symptoms related to the autism and schizophrenia. These effects were imputed by the opioid activity of BCM-7 and to oxidative stress, that leads to the neurological deficits that materialize as symptoms of autism and schizophrenia.

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