The milk is almost sacred to Indian households, it’s one thing that makes for an integral part of the Indian Kitchen. Owing to its long list of benefits, we totally drool over a glass of fresh milk without even being totally aware of them all. So, let’s dedicate this article to discuss the essential nutrients that milk adds to our diet that make it such a valuable drink for you and your family.

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A Guide to the 9 Nutrients in Milk

Calcium- Milk in a way is synonymous with Calcium. It’s that one crucial element that provides our bones and teeth with the strength they need and also aids in muscle growth, blood pressure regulation, nervous system, and heart health.

Cobalamin- Essentially known as Vitamin B12, this nutrient plays a crucial role in strengthening immunity and body strength. Vitamin gives the body energy by metabolizing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Niacin- Essentially known as Vitamin B3 this vitamin helps convert food into energy to provide the body with the strength to go through the day. It has essential stamina-building nutrients which are significant for growing kids.

Phosphorus- Much like calcium, phosphorus is essential for the creation of DNA, cell membranes, and for bone and teeth formation. Additionally, it helps in promoting healthy nerve conduction throughout the body and managing the body’s energy usage and storage.

Protein- Protein is an essential nutrient of milk and even more importantly of A2 milk as we get the A2 beta-casein protein in milk that helps in building bones and lean muscles. It is very light which makes it easily digestible for even lactose-intolerant people.

Other essential Vitamins- The milk has Vitamin A which aids in healthy vision, helps in maintaining clearer skin and maintains the wellness of essential organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Iodine- This is an essential nutrient of the A2 milk as it helps in maintaining the thyroid hormones keeping the body fit and healthy.

Potassium- Balanced potassium levels in the body are important to maintain a healthy heart and keep blood pressure issues at a bay. A lack of it can cause serious health issues and that’s why A2 Milk is important to make up for that loss.

Zinc- Zinc is an important derivative of Milk and it promotes cell growth by facilitating protein synthesis. It also helps in strengthening the body’s defensive system and helps fight allergies and infections.

Now, certainly after reading this, you will get a clear idea about how essential this liquid food is to strengthen the body’s basic functioning abilities. It’s a powerhouse of essential minerals that covers and takes care of body 360-degree wellness. From immunity system to Cognitive abilities, internal performance to stamina building, skin-related solutions to vision issues. It has an essential role to play in all those functions which makes it absolutely essential to our daily diet.

Vedaaz Milk is the purest form of Desi Gir Cow Milk. We Supply unadulterated fresh milk to your doorstep.